“I am a recent graduate of Winston-Salem State University, currently working as a Legal Assistant for Huggins Law Firm. In this profession, I am gaining legal knowledge and growing professionally every day. Prior to the opportunity of becoming a part of the Huggins Law Firm team, I did not know what direction I wanted to take in my career path. However since becoming apart of the Huggins Law Firm team, my experience here has influenced my desire to go further in the legal field, such as becoming a certified paralegal. Prior to working in the legal field, I worked in the restaurant industry, which also gave me the opportunity to grow professionally. In my free time, I enjoy exploring new music in various genres, and traveling with family and friends!”


With his passion to help other people through the judicial system and the due process of law, Attorney Huggins makes it his underlining mission to dedicate himself to his clientele. Because of this loyalty towards his clients, he has taken on tough cases and been successful in obtaining countless dismissals and reductions for his clients, obtained large personal injury settlements, and won child custody and child support cases. He is a sought-after speaker for entities such as the University of North Carolina in Greensboro, and other forums to discuss civil rights issues. Positive reviews of his practice can be found on

Apart from running his own firm, Attorney Huggins is very active with NCAJ, holding these following positions: Family Law Membership Co-chair, Criminal Defense CLE Co-chair, and Vice-chair of small office practice; he is also the former Vice President of the Guilford County Black Lawyer’s Association, and a current member of the Guilford County Inn of County as well as the Greensboro and High Point Bar associations.

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