Community Driven

Taking part in community service provides many benefits. It makes you feel good to help others, it provides a service to those in need, and some consider it their civic duty to help. For an attorney, partaking in community service is more than just good deeds and warm feelings. It’s about sharpening your skills and learning to relate to the community in which you are volunteering.

Service to the Community

Community service gives attorneys the opportunities to learn skills outside of the realm of law practice that are still invaluable and crucial to their practice. These are usually referred to as “soft skills,” but are much more important than their name portrays. Leadership, communication, decision-making, and confidence aren’t taught in law school but are of the upmost importance to a successful attorney. And these are all characteristics that can be learned and cultured through different areas of community service. 

Attorney Micah Huggins knows the value of service, not only to help others, but also to allow him to be the best version of himself he can be to help his clients. He recently took time to speak life into over 200 young African-American men. Being a young African-American male himself, he knows the struggles they are facing. He has been in their shoes. While helping better the lives of these young men, he is also growing his confidence and communication skills. Even if these characteristics are something we may already be good at, there is always work to be done and room to grow. 

He also helped feed over 200 people at the Splash Park Fun event in McLeansville, North Carolina. This huge event was successful and a lot of fun. Events like this are beneficial to multiple different parts of the community, and are also great ways to network with different populations as well as potentially other attorneys. Being able to present yourself by not only talking about your strengths, but showing them, is invaluable. 

Expanding his relationship with the local public is something Micah holds great value. What better way to meet and serve those in the community that need help the most than by getting out there and doing what needs to be done? 

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