Successful Cases

When you’re looking for an attorney, it’s important to find someone that you know you can trust. Client success stories help bridge that gap by showing other people in similar situations you are in that have had great experiences. Attorney Micah Huggins has many success stories, and today we’re going to highlight four of them. 


Blondie Martin has trusted Micah with several traffic tickets over the past 10 years. She says she’s always had a good experience working with him and his office. Most of the time, he has been able to get Blondie’s tickets completely dismissed and has saved her over $600 in court costs. That is a huge savings when thinking about other bills and obligations you may have. 

She also enjoys using their website. It makes it easy to get in touch with the office. If you have any questions or need extra information, you can email and someone will respond quickly. You can also reach then from 8am-7pm on the phones. After 5, if assistant is not available, Micah will answer himself. Blondie has referred Huggins Law to her friends and family for many needs, including domestic issues and traffic tickets. They have also been very pleased with their experience! They consider him their family lawyer for whenever they need legal help.


Gene Blackmon turned to Micah for help when his license got suspended. He says his experience has been amazing, and that the office has taken care of him like family. It was a smooth and easy process. Gene has also referred Micah to his friends and family for their attorney needs.  

Gene grew up with Micah, and knows the person he is. He has seen Micah grow into fine young man and lawyer. Micah isn’t afraid of a challenge, and you can trust him to stand up and fight for what’s right.


Aeryn Hickey worked for Micah before she went to law school. One of the most important things she learned about him is that he treats people the way they would want to be treated. She believes this goes back to the way people are raised and the trials she goes through. He hasn’t always been treated fairly, but he has risen above and uses his values and integrity to treat people fairly and with respect. 

Micah also builds a sense of trust between himself and his clients, setting the firm and those they are serving up for success. He has given his employees like Aeryn opportunities to excel on own while being always available to support them and answer any questions they may have. He took her along wherever he went, whether it was the courthouse, jail, or meetings. She says it was a great experience before attending law school. 


Micah was the first attorney Ivory Black had ever worked with. When she had a speeding ticket that wouldn’t seem to go away, she had to do something. Taking off work time and time again to try and get it taken care of was becoming a nuisance. 

Going in, Ivory wasn’t sure what the process was like. She had never done this before. But, Micah explained the entire thing to her and helped her every step of the way. He made sure she knew the process and what was going on. Because of her wonderful experience, Ivory recommends Micah and his team to all of her friends and family. 

It’s stories like these that fuel our “why.” Knowing that what you do is helping people is a huge driving factor to wanting to be the best and give the best. When you hire Micah as your attorney, you can expect integrity, respect, fairness, and someone who will fight for you. 


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