Greensboro Federal Cases Attorney

The Huggins Law Firm knows that facing any criminal charge can be a frightening situation. And a federal criminal charge can be even more complicated a state crime in North Carolina. This is why it is so critical to have a legal team behind you with the utmost experience and knowledge as well as commitment to protect your rights.

The state and the federal justice system are very different. There are different procedural rules and sentencing guidelines than the state system. In addition, federal criminal cases often involve more harsh penalties than state crimes. Accordingly, defending federal criminal charges requires specialized knowledge of the federal criminal justice system as well as its relation to North Carolina law.

If you have been contacted about or charged with a federal crime such as Fraud or Corporate Crimes, Grand Jury Representation, Drug Trafficking & Conspiracy, Child Pornography, or a Federal Weapons Charge, l Huggins Law can help you evaluate all aspects of the charges to determine the potential maximum sentencing. Knowing all the options allows us to be prepared for every possible course of action and develop a defense strategy for your specific situation. The experienced attorneys at the Huggins Law Firm will draw on their years of handling federal crime cases in North Carolina including to fight for you and your rights.



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